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What this internet site is about

On one hand my more than 30 years of professional experience as a high school teacher of English and History are reflected in the pages pertaining to the respective catchwords, such as the "Chronology for Patient Pupils".

On the other hand, I am deeply concerned about the ambivalent role of the chemical element iodine in our health system, after having had to observe at close range how this substance, which is supposed to be so beneficial, can become a threatening, or even deadly, agent.

Last but not least my own person will also come to the fore some way or other. This, I hope, needs no further justification.


As a teacher of Englsh and History I tried to awaken my students' interest in British and American history. To help them along, I compiled two simple chronologies which, I hope, contain the most important historical events of Great Britain respectively the USA.

Whoever feels that something utterly important is missing, or that some other entry is riduculous, I invite him or her to write a mail (klick here for address).

Download chronology of Great Britain (PDF, 85 KB).

Download chronology of the USA (PDF, 100 KB).

Bonus: London Guide

A literary walk through the capital:
Download "London Omnibus. An alternative guide to the metropolis." (PDF, 1.5 MB)